Toby Christian

Inglaterra, 1983

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Toby Christian

Nasceu em Londres, Reino Unido, 1983. Vive e trabalha em Londres, Reino Unido.

O trabalho de Toby Christian explora o conceito de escultura expandida com base na utilização da linguagem e do texto. Através de uma prática multifacetada que incorpora uma ampla gama de meios e materiais, incluindo a escrita, instalação, escultura,  painel baseado em parede e projeção, suas obras desafiam a natureza hermética de objetos.

Born in Lincolnshire, UK, 1983. Lives and works in Glasgow, UK

Toby Christian’s multifaceted practice incorporates a wide range of media including writing, installation, sculpture, wall-based work and animation. Writing is an integral part of his expansive practice – using text through an expanded sculptural field, his writing is a response to objects he has witnessed, which range from rare museological artefacts to more quotidian domestic items. His texts describe the minutiae of objects, surfaces and environments, and are serially disseminated through publications, public readings and in site-specific installations, in an exhibition context. Christian’s sculptural and wall-mounted works are produced episodically, made in relation to and stemming from his continuing writing. Palimpsest-records of objects and bodies, plans and models for imagined places, prototyped forms for living and working, and contorting typographical characters constellate around his fantastically detailed written descriptions. His books Measures(2013) and Collar (2017) are published by Koenig Books.

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