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Por Paulo Varella - agosto 16, 2012
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(1974 – São Paulo, Brazil)
These two minds overflowing all the colors and flavors of the imagination. There everything is possible and every dream comes true. The inspiration for many drawings and magical fables comes from the way in which Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo duo, known as OSGEMEOS, reflect on your inner reality and fantasy that surround them. Every little detail, because it is through them that his works take shape now as recognizable, are important components in creating the fantastical world full of everyday stories in poetry form. The enchanted world in which all your characters live and act as a single window to the soul of the twins is filled with a harmonious blend between realism and fiction. Their stories dance between two important pillars. The dreamy look that allows the realization of a world full of fantasies and their incisive criticisms about the difficulties faced by many people around the world, victims of a socioeconomic model that is in great transformation. Born of this union works that invoke a universe and lyrical creations that blend both projections, as if the characters themselves with innocent eyes magical criticize any discrepancy that exists in this society.

It was when he lived in the world of fantasy naive and childish, it all began. From small way to play and build scenarios where their characters lived was thorough. Disassembled parts original gifts that earned the brothers remade with all the delicacy another universe. With three years of age the crayons and imagination were already present in games and in all roles throughout the house. Drew on the same sheet of paper and when not to, chose to illustrate the same themes. The incentive to delve into the creative world that existed inside them has always been present in the family, made ​​up of other artists, like the older brother Arnaldo and mother Margaret. Also were the father and the grandparents who brought forth a way of presenting the real world all the creative urge that they overflowed.
The graffiti has entered the lives of the brothers in 1986, when he lived in the central region of São Paulo where he spent his childhood and adolescence. The hip hop culture came to Brazil and the youth of the neighborhood began coloring his ideas on the city walls. At that time, only 12 years old, everything was new and without having to take your referrals where, Gustavo and Otavio improvised and invented his own language, painting with inks by car, latex, spray nozzles and using deodorant and perfume to shape her features , since there were no accessories and products suitable for the practice. What gave them the city was essential to the development of all the skills that later turned himself in and immediately recognizable style of artists. A creative child, who earned two lives into the world of contemporary art.

The graffiti has always acted as a valve for dual scape. One way I found to create a world where you can only enter through their minds and where everything works Tritrez own logic, the universe inhabited by characters yellow, where harmony reigns and shines among all its elements. Every part and every detail this steeped in magic that involves the imagination of the brothers.
New winds began to remain in 1993 with the visit to Brazil of artist and graffiti artist Barry MGEE (Twist), San Francisco. MGEE who arrived in São Paulo to hold an exhibition of contemporary art showed the brothers the opportunity to make a living doing what you love. This time for fun Gustavo and Otavio, who had just completed 19 years, had begun to develop their own style and do work in advertising and decoration shops and offices with their graffiti. Thus began living exclusively occupied this wonderful gift that almost 100% of their beings.

In 1995, as an experiment, conducted a joint exhibition on street art at MIS – Museum of Image and Sound – São Paulo and a year later a small sample of some pieces and installations in a house in Vila Madalena.
But life as artists with the style almost completely mature happened shortly afterwards in Munich (Germany) at the invitation of Loomit, big name in the world of street art duo who discovered Brazil in an international journal on the subject. With this call, the duo embarked on a trip around the world without realizing projects in partnership with other artists and finally in 2003 the first solo exhibition in the gallery Luggage Store in San Francisco.

A big leap came when the artists came to the gallery Deitch Projects in New York in 2005, where his work took shape within the contemporary art market. The moment we entered into the world of galleries, the duo can bring their creations to a world far beyond the streets. With that, his ideas took form in three-dimensional sculptures and installation done in a peculiar way with all the elements and details that can be added when a drawing paper jumps and reaches the real world. Only after a year, already with a strong name abroad, OSGEMEOS made ​​his first exhibition in Brazil at Galeria Fortes Vilaca, in São Paulo.

A painting done in the streets and the creations made ​​for works and installations in galleries run the same dream world that exists within the mind of the duo, but take different directions. The first is the actual dialogue of artists with the streets, with each person who passes and interacts directly or indirectly with the painting, it is the graffiti. The second is the realization of dreams, ideals, social and political critiques that portray the universe as opposed to living within that presents itself outside the day-to-day lives of their brothers. At the moment all these ideas come into a gallery they cease to belong to the graffiti and become part of the world that surrounds contemporary art.

The imagination’s wings that osgemeos use to go to the most fun and illusory places that inhabit their minds. Is the door open and the invitation to delve into the delights of humor and can create a world of our own way and with all the colors and costumes imaginable.

by Ana Carolina Ralston

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