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Por Equipe Editorial - março 27, 2012
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The sculpture, the word, dancing. Forms of human expression that explode on rare times by transforming creative potential, as for these three women: Louise, and Clarice Pina.

The oldest and most long-lived of them, Louise Bourgeois, art found in the path to salvation itself. His famous phrase, “Art is a guarantee of sanity. That is the most important thing I have said. “Art is a guarantee of sanity. This is the most important thing that I said, absolutely can synthesize all his work.

His personal writings wide open creative process, he sought in his deepest core material needed to develop their work. Their traumas, experiences, achievements and issues are the raw material of his work, always imbued with an intense intimacy.

To Louise there was no distinction between creation and creator being, with his sculptures and paintings were extensions of her own.

This courage to expose yourself to the fullest, bringing to the fore and the public all its essence and personality, meant that his work was completely independent of any classification or school styles.

Contemporary with Louise, and like her, an immigrant who made his life on American soil, our beloved and “Brazilian” Clarice Lispector also used his literary art as a powerful channel to unspeakable issues that filled his soul and his personal life.

Although it always show around an aura of mystery, taking the utmost care not to expose their intimacy, Lispector’s texts reveal intensely everything that moved, and that was part of their life experience. The pains of womanhood, conflicts with the other, the boundaries and intersections between the feminine and masculine being, motherhood, marriage and relationships so in general, are the fuel for the exceptional work of these two women.

Pina Bausch, the German born in the midst of World War II, also comes to join the team of these spectacular women. His means of expression, dance, went beyond the limits of the physical body and choreography the viewer can see much more than technique and body control, rather, he is snatched up by people dancing all reveal their humanity.

The actions reflect the beauty, the pains, joys, virtues and vices of life, and in the words of his own Pina, what matters is not the movements, but what moves us.

His famous phrase: “Tanz, tanz sonst verloren sind wir” Dance, dance without it we are lost, echoes the thought of driving Louise, in which art is the absolute path to understanding the whole complexity that is human life.

Clarice itself recognizes the inability to put into words everything that moves us, and can express this in ingenious constructions in Portuguese. Also through her writings, she spells out the bowel movement and able to give vent to all depths of the soul.

For those who missed the magnificent exhibition of Louise Bourgeois in last year’s MAM / RJ and the Tomie Ohtake Institute in Sao Paulo, there is still time to scour the internet and all publications that allow contact with his work.

Wim Wenders, German film director, presents all lovers of the arts with a work belísssima filmed in 3D tribute to Pina Bausch. While playing at the Sao Paulo circuit, consider a must for those interested in the creative process of this great artist and revolutionary.

And for those who have not contacted Clarice, a hint! Look today for a magnificent work available in all libraries and bookstores in the country, and see that dance, visual arts and literature but converge to a single point: the maximum exploitation of all human potential!

Gabriela Albuquerque,

“Gabriela studied art history, criticism and curation of the PUC

[email protected]


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