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Alexa Meade e Sheila Vand: “MILK: what will you make of me?”

Por Equipe Editorial - novembro 30, 2012
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A few months ago we presented the American artist Alexa Meade here, and their works of art literally real. Alexa is known for making art body painting, but not only hired as models for people of all ages and body shape, what matters is what the artist wants to convey.

Well, this time Alexa joined actress Sheila Vand very curious for a project called “MILK: what will you make of me?”. In it, Alexa painted the entire body of the actress in white, doing some drawings with colored ink, including face and hair. Then Sheila lay in a pool full of plastic milk where she moved as time went on and the ink was mixed with milk, making every second worth much because while the actress was in the pool, the photographing of Alexa various angles and framing. The result is very interesting because as milk and mix paint, color, form, and expression will be modifying and giving the impression that “painting created life.”

For more information click here.

Below is the video where they explain the project and show a bit of the making of.

ALEXA // SHEILA behind the scenes from Shuttereye on Vimeo.

O estúdio:

Alexa e Sheila trabalhando:


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